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Recommended Web Hosting?

There are many good web hosting companies. We currently recommend OVH Hosting.
Here's an outline of what/how I acquired a VPS from OVH...

Ordering a VPS

  1. Browse to https://us.ovhcloud.com/vps
  2. Click 'Order now' for "Elite" (scroll page to the right to see "Elite").
  3. Select "Distribution with application.
  4. Memory: 8GB would be fine. I increased to 16GB to match my old server.
  5. Storage: 160GB. If you will have many large sites, set to 320GB.
  6. Select "Distribution with application".
  7. Then I ordered 30 cPanels. 1
  8. Contract Duration: 2 years (to get a nice discount).
  9. Payment method: Monthly.
  10. Operating System: 'AlmaLinux'.

Setting up the Server

  1. During the ordering process, you entered a password of your choice. This password is for logging into your OVH Admin site (https://us.ovhcloud.com/manager/)
  2. After ordering, you'll receive an "Installation of your VPS" email. Make note of your IPv4 address. This the IP of your server.
  3. The Access settings section contains a link to click for creating a password for Unix user "almalinux". Click this link to create the "almalinux" password.
  4. The Getting Started section has a link to info for "connecting to a VPS for the first time". Click this link to continue.
  5. Then read the First steps (current VPS range) to set up the Putty SSH client.
  6. Then log into the server as user almalinux with the password from step 3.
  7.  When logged in, you'll be able to create the 'root' password. Make it complicated and don't lose it.
sudo su -
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: password updated successfully

Note: When you enter New password and Retype new password, your typing will not show on the screen.

Now go back to the Installation of your VPS email and click the link under Application: cpanel. This will open WHM for your server. Log in with user root and the root password created in step 7 above.

In WHM, you can Create a New Account. This will setup your Cpanels. 

Increase Server Timeout

The default Server Timeout is 300 seconds. For larger Mpc Projects, you may need a longer timeout. Use the following procedure to increase the timeout:

  1. Browse to your WHM.
  2. Search for and select Apache Configuration.
  3. Select Global Configuration.
  4. Find the Timeout setting.
  5. Default is 300 seconds. Increase to 3600.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  7. In next page, click Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache.

  1. Unfortunately, a Cpanel is required for EACH domain (thanks to the greed of the new owners at Cpanel). OVH charges $12/month for Cpanel, but they have a sliding scale for multiple panels.

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